Covenant Christian School - Safe Shelter
Date 12/20/2022

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Project Manual
      Invitation To Bid 12-19-22 Including Attachment 1  
      221220 Project Manual - CCS Gymnasium and Safe Shelter TDEM REVIEW  
      Attachment 2 - AIA A101 Cover Sheet  
      Attachment 2 Covenant Christian - A101 - 2017 (Revised from Standard 8-24-22)  
      Attachment 2 - A101 - 2017 Exhibit Package  
      Attachment 3 - AIA A201 Cover Sheet  
      Attachment 3 Covenant Christian - A201 - 2017 (Revised from Standard 8-24-22)  
      20230111_Covenant Christian School_Pre-bid  
      20230111_Covenant Christian_Pre-bid sign-in sheet  
200630 CCS GSS - TDEM Review PHASE I


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